Our Services

Companion Services:

Our support services help individuals aged 18 and older to more fully engage in home and community life. These services are extended to private home situations and are aimed at ensuring their health, safety, and well-being, as well as helping them with daily activities. Our goal is to empower individuals to live fulfilling lives.

In-home Community Support:

Our face-to-face services in home and community settings help individuals develop and improve the skills they need to live successfully in their own homes and communities. We help develop the following skills: self-care, communication, fine and gross motor skills, mobility, personal adjustment, relationship building, socialization, and accessing community resources. We provide the support and guidance needed for individuals to thrive in their home and community environments.

Supported Living:

Supported Living helps individuals live independently in their own homes, whether they rent, lease, or own. We provide support and assistance with skills such as self-care, health and wellness, meal preparation, personal resource management, communication, transportation, relationship building, and personal adjustment. Our goal is to help people acquire and maintain the skills they need to live independently and achieve their goals.

Homemaker / Chore:

Homemaker Services provide assistance with household tasks such as cleaning, laundry, and meal preparation. Chore Services include heavier household activities like washing floors, windows, and walls, securing loose rugs and tiles, moving heavy furniture for safe access, removing ice, snow, and leaves from yards, and performing yard maintenance. Both types of services help individuals maintain a clean, safe, and sanitary home environment.


Respite care offers families a break from caring for their loved ones with developmental disabilities, while providing the best one-on-one care available in the comfort of the individual's own home. Respite care can be planned in advance or provided in the case of an emergency, and can range from a minimum of two hours to overnight care.

Residential Habilitation Services

Our organization offers 24-hour support for up to three people living in a single home, townhouse, or apartment. We aim to encourage a normal daily routine by tailoring our services to meet the needs and abilities of each individual.

Community Participation Services

Our Community Participation Services program helps adults with intellectual disabilities get involved in social and volunteer activities in their communities. Through this service, individuals can improve their social skills, engage with their community, and build relationships while participating in activities they enjoy. The goal is to enhance their overall sense of community involvement and personal enrichment.